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WiFi passenger flow counting terminal
Welcome to use "iDTK" passenger flow counting terminal. This version issued at the end of 2016 which is battery powered and WIFI automatically upload to the cloud. It has two working modes: stand-alone or networking. Its parameter setting and passenger flow data browsing are completed by one smart phone which brings much convenient.

1、 Open the packing box, there is one passenger flow counting terminal, one infrared transmitter, two Li-On rechargeable batteries, one charger, double faced adhesive tape, two brackets and one small wrench

2、 Unpack the cover of the terminal.

Load the batteries. You can see the screen displaying startup information, including count data of two directions and current time. The screen will automatically shut off if no operation in 10 seconds to reduce power consumption. After screen closed, the red indicator light is used as infrared receive signal indication. This light will continuously be flickering if passenger flow counting terminal cannot receive any infrared signal from infrared transmitter or infrared signal blocked. So this indicator light will help us find the mounting position of infrared transmitter.

This is touch antenna, when we are conducting touch operation, the yellow indicator light will light up. We can inquiry various information the counting terminal through touching operation, such as current power, product ID, working parameters and working period. Such information is automatically downloaded by this counting terminal from cloud or set up by phone.
Lighting up of yellow indicator also acts as power alarm, when battery voltage is too low, the indicator will be flickering and remind you to charge or replace the batteries, there is a USB interface which can be used to supply power or charge the device if you do not want to use battery, in this case, the yellow indicator keep lighting.
There is a blue indicator for WIFI network transmission indication.
3、Now I will introduce the infrared transmitter, unpack the cover and load the battery, the blue indicator flickers three times which means the device started normally.

When battery voltage is too low, the red indicator will be flickering to remind you charge or replace the battery. Now we put the infrared transmitter and the passenger flow counting terminal within a face to face position, then the red indicator in terminal stops flickering. This means the device is ready for use.
There is a dial switch on infrared transmitter, No.1 switch is used to control the frequency of transmitter which needs to be corresponding with the moving speed set by terminal. If it is set to be high speed, then the No.1 switch should be dialed to high-speed position. If the No.2 switch is dialed to enhance position, the infrared signal can transmit a further distance. After changed the position of dial switch, the device needs to be reloaded batteries and restarted.

4、When the battery power is low, please use matched charger to charge the battery, it may costs about 6 hours, after charging completed, the green indicator will light up.

5、Firstly, we should ensure the installation position having a good WIFI coverage, if the WIFI signal is too weak, the terminal will be more power consumption when connecting to network, or even it may be unable to connect network. The simplest way is checking the intensity of WIFI network signal at installation position by our cell phone.
Install the terminal, it is important to note that there is an arrow inside the terminal, the direction of the arrow must be compliance with pedestrian's actual entering direction, thus we only can install the terminal at the right side of this door. The terminal should be parallel installed, as we can see there is no surface for directly fixing in this side, we can only use supporting brackets in order to ensure alignment of terminal and infrared transmitter.

6、Paste the terminal and bracket by provided double faced adhesive tape, set up the height as about 1.3 meter or equal to localpeople's average chest height. The terminal already marked an arrow direction which is compliance with pedestrian's actual entering direction. Paste the brackets to installation position and then adjust the bracket angle, using the provided small wrench to fasten the bracket rotary screw. Note, the USB charging port must downwards.
7、The other side of the doorway Install the infrared transmitter, the height shall be equal to passenger flow counting terminal and USB charging port downwards. The emission angle of infrared transmitter is very large, the terminal can normally receive infrared signal in a relative large area. When infrared transmitter installed in right position, the red indicator in terminal will be extinguished. Fix the transmitter at installation position by double faced adhesive tape.

8、Now let us conduct the parameter setting of terminal, touching this position by hand could awaken screen. Switch to "Keep press to AP", long press till screen displaying "AP start". Open smart phone's WLAN, we can see a iDTK network, connect to this network, OK, now we have successfully connected to iDTK network.

Open a browser, type in and press GO to enter into setting page of the terminal. We can see four buttons, firstly, we type in the password, the initial password is 1234.


9、If you want to use it under standalone mode, click standalone parameter,
The set parameter includes business hours scope, two detecting speeds (low or high), if we detect pedestrians with normal speed, then we choose low speed, if you want to detect faster speed, then you can choose high speed. Note, however, high-speed mode will increase power consumption.
There are three mode options for counting display, if you do not want other people see the passenger data on screen, the "No display" mode could be chose, if you only want to see sum data of two directions, "sum display" mode could be chose.
If you want to see the counting data of each direction, the "bidirectional display" mode could be chose, press save button, the terminal then updates the parameter and automatically calibrates according to your cell phone time.
10、Click data browsing button in login page, we can browse last 30 days' passenger flow data collected by passenger flow counting terminal, as well as last 12 months' data, or monthly cumulative passenger flow data. Click zero button can remove current day's data.


11、If you want to use networking mode, the passenger flow counting data will be automatically uploaded to cloud, so we click networking setting in login page and click SSID button, surrounding WIFI information searched by terminal will display, wen choose dlink network.
Type in network password, this network is not encrypted, so no need password, then type in server address or company code. If the server is established by yourselves, please contact server administrator, if using a public server, you just need to type in company code, then click save.
After saved, the terminal will conduct WIFI connection, it may costs about 30 seconds, let us wait a while. Then the needed operative parameter will automatically download from cloud, and the time will be calibrated from cloud
 It displaying successfully configured, then the needed operative parameter will automatically download from cloud, and the time will be calibrated from cloud.