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The device can demagnetize in an instant, and the magnetization demagnetization is completed at one time, the magnetization is sufficient, and the degaussing is clean and thorough. Our anti-theft device, book anti-theft magnetic strip, and degaussing instrument are compatible with all electromagnetic induction anti-theft systems. Our products include, library anti-theft device, degaussing instrument, book anti-theft permanent magnetic strip, book anti-theft degaussing strip, CD/DVD anti-theft tag. The keel of the antenna is made of environmentally friendly material acrylonitrile-butadiene styrene. In China, the keel of this style antenna is made of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene material. Our factory is the only manufacturer. If you search for an antenna that is the same style as our factory, the keel of this antenna is made of wood (sawed by wood chips).


JN Type activator / deactivator

JNC Type strong- power activator / deactivator

The device is capable of magnetizing and demagnetizing at an instant which is one-time completion. The magnetizing volume is enough and the demagnetizing is thoroughly.


Video of test for JNC strong-power activator

Video of test for JNC strong-power de-activator