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Our technology innovation team is constantly exploring and improving the technology of the traditional technology, and the safety, stability and reliability of the product remain the leading position in the industry.

We look forward to the application prospect in this area, for example: with the popularization of mobile phone and laptop, a variety of magnetic materials are widely used in the components of mobile phone and notebook computer. The traditional anti-theft system can effectively detect and alarm the anti-theft magnetic strip of the book (sounding), and when the magnetic material iron is carried through the anti-theft Aisle, the anti-theft alarm can be effectively recognized (light-emitting warning), and the self-locking sound alarm circuit does not generate false alarm. However, when the reader carries the mobile phone and laptop from the book anti-theft device, it is often false positive. Prior to this, the device cannot distinguish which is a book anti-theft magnetic stripe, which is a mobile phone or a laptop, which causes the theft-proof device to lose the anti-theft attribute it should have.

This brings many problems:

1. The false of alarm carrying the mobile phone and laptop leads to misunderstanding between the reader and the librarian. The library administrator has to adjust the sensitivity (detection rate) of the anti-theft device;

2. If individual readers are conscious or unconscious, carry the de-activated hidden books, and carry the mobile phone and laptop through the anti-theft Aisle, the librarian may mistake the reader with the mobile phone and laptop, or acquiesce in reader to carry de-activated books out of the anti-theft Aisle. In recent years, this technical deficiency of books anti-theft devices has been plagued by manufacturers, library administrators and readers. The smart identification software developed by us can effectively distinguish the magnetic stripe signals from the mobile phone and laptop, signals and fundamentally solves the problem.


EM strip, cobalt-based, activate / de-activate, double-sided glue, 16 CM with tail
This magnetic strip has high magnetic permeability and is environmentally-friendly and non-toxic. The EM stripes are compatible with all library security systems.


CD / DVD EM label with 2 strips

EM strip manufacturing apparatus



3M Tattle-Tape stripe
This is compatible with our library security system and our library security system is compatible with 3M Tattle-Tape stripes.