(1) Material: DONCHAMP ACRYLIC is one of the best-
     known Chinese brands
     (2) Samsung mobile, iPhone mobile, Tablet PC, Laptop
     pass the acrylic antenna, false alarm rate: approaching
     (3) Size: 1580X580X30MM
     (4) CAD / CAM manufacturing technology
     (5) With both of the high-end material and wonderful
     shape, our factory is sole manufacturer
     (6) We are willing to provide the acrylic skeleton to
     RFID manufacturer

Mobile phone Tablet PC Laptop
Long handle unbrella Book vehicle Electric drill and Electric impact drill



  EM library security gate, 1500X410X25MM
  The antenna's body is made of acrylic
  Price: end user 1280$, distributor 780$

Reader holds Laptop, Samsung mobile
or iPhone pass EM library security gate,
false alarm rate: approach to zero!

3M Tattle Tape B2 security strip
Min: 1000 pcs, price 0.13$
Date of delivery: 7 -10 days


Our factory has 15 years of EAS EM professional manufacturing history, with precise manufacturing and inspection equipment, complete quality control system and high-quality team. Since the establishment, we provide complete solutions including installation, operation and maintenance for customers and provide online technical support services. Our products are exported to all over the world and have established good long-term cooperative relationship with clients.

Our technology innovation team is constantly exploring and improving the technology of the traditional technology, and the safety, stability and reliability of the product remain the leading position in the industry.We look forward to the application prospect in this area, for example: with the popularization of mobile phone and laptop, a variety of magnetic materials are widely used in the components of mobile phone and notebook computer. The traditional anti-theft system can...


The device can demagnetize in an instant, and the magnetization demagnetization is completed at one time, the magnetization is sufficient, and the degaussing is clean and thorough. Our anti-theft device, book anti-theft magnetic strip, and degaussing instrument are compatible with all electromagnetic induction anti-theft systems. Our products include, library anti-theft device, degaussing instrument, book anti-theft permanent magnetic strip, book anti-theft degaussing strip, CD/DVD...


            RFID library security tag

            People counting system